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410 410s stainless steel sheets and plate

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  • 410 410s stainless steel sheets and plate
  • 410 410s stainless steel sheets and plate
  • 410 410s stainless steel sheets and plate
  • 410 410s stainless steel sheets and plate

410 410S stainless steel sheets and plate

410 410S stainless steel sheets and plate have good corrosion resistance and mechanical processing properties. It is general-purpose steel and cutting tool steel. 410S is a steel grade that improves the corrosion resistance and formability of 410 steel.

Product Introduction

410S stainless steel sheets and plate is a low-carbon, non-hardening general purpose 12% chromium martensitic stainless steel. Low carbon and small alloy additions minimize the formation of austenite at high temperatures, which limits the hardenability of the stainless steel. Even with rapid cooling from above the critical temperature, 410S remains soft and ductile. This non-hardening property helps prevent cracks when the alloy is exposed to high temperatures or welded. 410S is completely ferritic in the annealed state. It exhibits corrosion resistance equivalent to 410 and good oxidation resistance.

Chemical composition (WT%)

C: ≤0.15

Si: ≤0.6

Mn: ≤1.0

Cr: 11.5~14.5

S: ≤0.028

P: ≤0.03

Physical properties

T.S.(Mpa) ≥ 440

Y.S.(Mpa) ≥ 205

E.L.(%)    ≥ 20

HV      ≤210

Specification information

Width: 1000mm, 1219mm ,1250mm,1500mm,1800mm;

Thickness: 0.3—30mm(hot rolled);

Length:2000mm,2440mm,3000mm,3048mm, 6000mm

Surface: No.2B, BA(Bright and Anneal), 8K mirror, HL

Decorative sheet and plate: color plates, titanium-plated plates, etching plates, oil-polished hairline plates (HL, NO.4), sandblasted plates, embossed plates.


The application of 410S stainless steel mainly includes petroleum refining and chemical industry; distillation tray; heat exchanger; ore processing; mining machinery; heat treatment equipment; annealing box; quenching rack; gate valve; pressure plate.


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