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HL stainless steel sheets

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  • HL stainless steel sheets
  • HL stainless steel sheets
  • HL stainless steel sheets
  • HL stainless steel sheets

HL stainless steel sheets

HL is one of the surface treatment grades of stainless steel. HL is brushed on the surface of stainless steel, straight brushed matte. Cold rolling, wire drawing, pickling, leveling, grinding, which refers to a series of surface treatment work. It can be divided into oily grinding and dry grinding.

Product Description

The surface drawing treatment of stainless steel is a surface treatment method that forms lines on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to achieve a decorative effect. Because the surface drawing process can reflect the texture of metal materials, it has been favored by more and more users and more and more widely used. Wire drawing processing is usually divided into the straight wire and messy wire according to different surface effects. Straight silk is also called hairline, and chaotic silk is also called snow pattern.

Wire drawing: divided into dry wire drawing and oil mill wire drawing. The drawing is divided into 80#, 120#, 180#, 240#, 320#, 400#, and other drawing types. Our decoration industry usually uses 240#—400#. The larger the value, the thinner the stripes. The plates are made by high-speed grinding using special polishing oil as the medium in the production process. The surface of the product is continuous silk grain, with a smooth surface, clear texture, and soft texture.

Chemical composition (WT%)

C: ≤0.08

Si: ≤1.0

Mn: ≤2.0

Cr: 17.0~19.0

S: ≤0.03

P: ≤0.035

Ni: 8.0~10.0

Physical properties

T.S.(Mpa) ≥ 568

Y.S.(Mpa) ≥ 216

EL(%)     ≥40

HV: 150~480

Specification information

Material: 200,300,400 series

Length:2000mm,2440mm,3000mm,6000mm or customized size

Width: 1000mm,1219mm,1250mm or customized size

Thickness: 0.3mm~6.0mm

Surface: 2B、BA、HL(hairline) Brushed、No.3、No.4、No.8 Mirror

Decorative sheet and plate: color plates, etching plates, oil-polished hairline plates (HL, NO.4), sandblasted plates, embossed plates、PVD Coating


HL Stainless steel sheets are usually used in the construction industry, there are elevator door panels, escalator decorative panels, and in the construction hardware industry, faucets, hinges, handles, locks, kitchen utensils such as range hoods, stainless steel stoves, sinks, and so on.


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