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Etched stainless steel sheets

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  • Etched stainless steel sheets
  • Etched stainless steel sheets
  • Etched stainless steel sheets
  • Etched stainless steel sheets

Etched stainless steel sheets

Over the years, stainless steel etching plates have been widely used as building materials. There are three main reasons for this situation: a more thorough understanding of materials, higher requirements for style design, and consideration of the durability and maintenance of structural materials.


Product Description

Because the stainless steel etching plate has two characteristics of durability and almost no need to maintain the surface, it has greatly promoted people to pay more attention to its application than ever before.

Due to the advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, stainless steel has become more and more popular in the market in recent years. And the etching plate, given its exquisite pattern, the scope of application is also more and more extensive.

Some decorative plates with patterns like mirrors that we usually see in KTV are actually made of stainless steel. Its processing technology is to process and grind the stainless steel 2B plate into a mirror 8K plate, and then perform etching and color plating to become a stainless steel etching plate.


Chemical composition (WT%)

C: ≤0.08

Si: ≤1.0

Mn: ≤2.0

Cr: 17.0~19.0

S: ≤0.03

P: ≤0.035

Ni: 8.0~10.0

Physical properties

T.S.(Mpa) ≥ 568

Y.S.(Mpa) ≥ 216

EL(%)     ≥40

HV: 150~480

Specification information

Material: 200,300,400 series

Length:2000mm,2440mm,3000mm,6000mm or customized size

Width: 1000mm,1219mm,1250mm or customized size

Thickness: 0.3mm~6.0mm

Surface: 2B、BA、HL、No.3、No.4、No.8 Mirror

Decorative sheet and plate: color plates, etching plates, oil-polished hairline plates (HL, NO.4), sandblasted plates, embossed plates、PVD Coating


Etched stainless steel sheets can be used in various decorative places, such as elevator hall doors, cars, patterns on stainless steel screens, subway platform anti-skid plates, kitchen and bathroom products, hardware decorations, etc.


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