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BA stainless steel sheets

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  • BA stainless steel sheets
  • BA stainless steel sheets
  • BA stainless steel sheets
  • BA stainless steel sheets

BA stainless steel sheets

The surface of BA is the surface obtained by bright heat treatment after cold rolling. Bright heat treatment is annealing under a protective atmosphere that guarantees that the surface is not oxidized to preserve the gloss of the cold-rolled surface, and then use a high-precision smoothing roll for light leveling to improve the surface brightness. This surface is close to a mirror surface, and the surface roughness Ra value measured by the instrument is 0.05-0.1μm.

Product Description

The BA surface is smoother and brighter than the 2B surface. This is the original surface processed from raw materials and can be processed in any way. Generally, the effect of the BA surface can reach the 8K effect. 8K, which is a kind of Mirror panel.

There are many forms of cold-rolled stainless steel:

1, 2B is the most common cold-rolled plate surface, the surface of the plate is gray and shiny, and no portrait can be seen.

2. BA is based on a 2B board, with bright processing, white light, can illuminate the figure, but can not illuminate the eyebrows of the portrait.

3. 8K is the mirror panel we often say. It is polished again based on the 2B or BA surface. The brightness can reach above 8K, which can illuminate human eyebrows, and the brightness is like a mirror.

In addition to the above-board, there are 1D, 2D, HL, DF, NO.

Chemical composition (WT%)

C: ≤0.08

Si: ≤1.0

Mn: ≤2.0

Cr: 11.0~18.0

S: ≤0.03

P: ≤0.035

Ni: 8.0~10.0

Physical properties

T.S.(Mpa) ≥ 520

Y.S.(Mpa) ≥ 205

EL(%)     ≥20

HV: 150~420

Specification information

Material: 200,300,400 series

Length:2000mm,2440mm,3000mm,6000mm or customized size

Width: 1000mm,1219mm,1250mm,1500mm or customized size

Thickness: 0.02mm~8.0mm

Surface: BA

Decorative sheet and plate: color plates, titanium-plated plates, etching plates, oil-polished hairline plates (HL, NO.4), sandblasted plates, embossed plates.


BA stainless steel sheets are widely used in kitchen utensils, household appliances, medical equipment, auto parts, and decorations.


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