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Significant achievements in global carbon emission reduction hydrogen ironmaking achieves milestone progress

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On August 31, the world's first non-fossil-fuel-free sponge iron pilot test line-HYBRIT (Breakthrough Hydrogen Ironmaking Technology) project was put into production in Lulea, Sweden. The HYBRIT project is a joint venture between SSAB (Swedish Steel), LKAB (Swedish Mining Group, Europe’s largest iron ore producer) and Vattenfall (Swedish Great Falls Power Company, one of Europe’s largest power producers), HYBRIT Development Limited The company is responsible for advancing. SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall plan to build the world’s first “fossil-fuel-free steel manufacturing” value chain. The goal is: by 2026, through HYBRIT technology, the world’s first fossil-fuel-free smelting technology; No fossil fuel process route to manufacture steel. At the end of August, the German Dillinger Steel Group announced that the first hydrogen-based steel production plant in Germany that uses hydrogen as a reducing agent in the regular operation of a blast furnace is located in Dillingen (Dillingen, a small town in Saarland, Germany). ) Put into production. The new steel production process of the plant was jointly developed and invested by Dillinger and the German Saarstahl Steel Group. On December 18, South Korea’s POSCO announced that, in order to achieve its vision of “becoming a green hydrogen company leading the hydrogen economy and a pioneer in decarbonization”, it will build equipment with a capacity of 5 million tons of hydrogen by 2050. To achieve 30 trillion won (approximately US$27 billion) of green hydrogen sales, and plan to build a green hydrogen-based steel plant by 2050. Regarding carbon emission reduction targets, ArcelorMittal Europe stated that it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030; U.S. Steel will reduce its greenhouse gas emission intensity by 20% by 2030; Hyundai Steel of Korea will reduce its greenhouse gas emission intensity by 2050. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80%; Tata Steel Europe will become a “carbon neutral” steel manufacturer by 2050; Vale announced that it will reduce “Scope 3” carbon emissions by 15% by 2035; Rio Tinto will In the next two years, it will invest 10 million US dollars to cooperate with China Baowu, the world's largest steel company, in low-carbon ironmaking projects and research. In addition, China's hydrogen metallurgy research has also accelerated. HBIS Group, together with MCC Jingcheng and Tenova, will be the world's first to build a hydrogen-rich gas direct reduction demonstration project from 2020 to 2021; the thermal load test run and some of the pilot test results of the Jiuquan Steel's coal-based hydrogen metallurgy pilot plant are gratifying; On October 31, Rongcheng and China Metallurgical CCID, Northeastern University, Tianjin Petrochemical and Shaangu jointly established a green hydrogen metallurgical industry-university-research strategic cooperation alliance. Comment: Under the global tide of "decarbonization", the transformation of traditional steel metallurgical technology centered on reducing carbon footprint and carbon emissions has become a new trend in the green development of the steel industry. Among them, hydrogen metallurgy technology has become the key to carbon emission reduction recognized by the majority of steel companies. Looking at the current actions and progress in hydrogen metallurgical technology research in various countries around the world, it is not difficult to see that the current steel industry has the ability to use hydrogen in blast furnaces within the technically permissible range. However, if steel production is completely based on pure hydrogen, It depends on the research process of electric arc furnace, direct reduced iron (DRI) and other technologies, and whether there are sufficient and affordable green hydrogen resources in the future.

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