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Selection of welding method for perforated stainless steel sheet

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Selection of welding method for perforated stainless steel sheet

TIG welding is the first choice of welding method, followed by shielded metal arc welding. When submerged arc welding is selected, heat input and interlayer temperature should be strictly controlled, and large dilution ratio should be avoided.

When selecting TIG welding, 1-2% nitrogen should be added to the maintenance Gas (if n exceeds 2%, the tendency of porosity will be increased, and the arc is unstable), so as to make the weld metal absorb nitrogen (avoid nitrogen loss due to the dispersion of the weld surface area), which is beneficial to stabilize the austenite phase in the welded joint.

The welding material with higher austenite elements (Ni, N, etc.) is selected to promote the transformation of ferrite to austenite in the weld.

22.8.3l welding rod or welding wire is often used in the processed stainless steel sheet, and 25.10.4l welding wire or 25.10.4r welding rod is often used in 2507 steel.

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