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rose gold stainless steel

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In colored stainless steel,the most widely used and the most classic is rose gold stainless steel. Rose gold stainless steel can become a leader in color steel, so what are the characteristics of its color? What are the advantages that can surpass other colors?

The rose gold stainless steel mirror panel color is a neutral color, similar to the color of coffee, but also close to the color of some ancient woods, so it is suitable for matching with wooden furniture. From the appearance point of view, rose gold products are neither as cold as pure stainless steel nor as old-fashioned as wooden furniture. Instead, they have both wooden vision and the metallic luster of stainless steel, giving people a kind of antique and mirror. Feeling radiant.

For example, when the rose gold stainless steel mirror panel is electroplated, the side corners and the front contact the electroplating spray gun for a long time. If it is black or golden, the corners will have less contact time and the color will not be so dark, resulting in chromatic aberration. The color of rose gold itself is not deep, and even slight differences can not be seen, so chromatic aberration can be avoided. At the same time, the rose gold stainless steel mirror panel also has the basic characteristics of colored stainless steel: non-fading, easy to clean, non-polluting, and environmentally friendly.

Rose gold stainless steel is mainly aimed at entertainment venues, but it also has great advantages in home life and facade decoration. In the facade decoration, the color of rose gold gives people a magnificent feeling, and people only need to walk into this house. The store will instantly feel that the grade and taste of this store are immeasurable! In the home decoration, the role of rose gold decoration in the host’s family is warm without losing elegance, nobility without losing taste, so that people can unknowingly upgrade their grades and keep themselves full of vitality! Rose gold stainless steel products with various uses, peculiar shapes and rich functions have promoted a new trend in the development of this material.

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