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POSCO's world premiere of ultra-lightweight stainless steel

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According to the news at the end of November, the Korean Materials Research Institute (KIMS) Steel Materials Research Office under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication and the Pohang Institute of Industrial Science (RIST) developed the world’s first ultra-lightweight stainless steel, which is lighter than traditional stainless steel. About 20%. This ultra-lightweight stainless steel not only changed the public's stereotype of "stainless steel is heavy", but also did not add high-priced nickel alloys, thus ensuring price competitiveness. According to news in October, POSCO has launched a new INNOVILT (high-quality construction steel) product-SP-CIP pile (high-strength steel pipe cast-in-place pile), which is twice as strong as traditional reinforced mesh piles, and is light in weight, high in quality and price Low, it can perfectly replace traditional steel mesh piles that are heavy and have potential safety hazards. On November 6, POSCO and Tata Steel Europe signed an agreement on Hyperloop (super high-speed rail, which is an environmentally friendly transportation tool with vacuum steel pipe transportation as the theoretical core, which has ultra-high speed, high safety, low energy consumption, and noise. Small, low pollution, etc.) business and technical cooperation agreements. The two parties will cooperate in the Hyperloop business field, including the development of steel (large steel pipe with a diameter of approximately 3.5 meters) and structural solutions, and participation in global projects. Comment: Despite the raging new crown pneumonia epidemic, steel companies have not stopped the pace of research and development of high value-added products.

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