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Electrolytic polishing of stainless steel sheet

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Stainless steel sheet is a metal removal process in which the stainless steel is used as the anode in the electrolyte and the metal is removed from the surface after being electrified. This process is generally used for machining parts because their shapes are difficult to polish by traditional methods. The process is often applied to the surface of cold rolled steel plate because its surface is more lubricated than that of hot rolled steel plate. However, electropolishing will make the impurities on the surface more obvious, especially the titanium and niobium stabilized data will be different because of the granular impurities in the weld area.

Small welding scar and sharp edge can be removed by this process. The process focuses on the outstanding parts on the surface and gives priority to dissolving them. Electropolishing process is to soak stainless steel in heated liquid, and the ratio of liquid involves many proprietary skills and patent skills. The electropolishing effect of austenitic stainless steel is very good.

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