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Duplex stainless steel welding key

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Duplex stainless steel welding key:

(1) The control of welding thermal process, such as welding line energy, interlayer temperature, preheating and material thickness, will affect the cooling rate during welding, and then affect the structure and function of weld and heat affected zone. In order to achieve the best function of weld metal, the maximum interpass temperature should be controlled at 100 ℃. When the post weld heat treatment is required, the interpass temperature should not be restricted.

(2) It is better not to carry out heat treatment after welding. When heat treatment is required after welding, the heat treatment method is water quenching. Heating should be as fast as possible during heat treatment, and the holding time at heat treatment temperature should be 5-30min, which should be enough to recover phase equilibrium. During heat treatment, metal oxidation is very severe, so inert gas maintenance should be considered.

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