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Classification of perforated stainless steel sheet

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The so-called perforated stainless steel sheet (duplex stainless steel) is that the ferrite phase and austenite phase account for about half of each other in the solid solution arrangement (generally, the content of the least phase is at least more than 30%, because it has the characteristics of two-phase arrangement, through the correct control of chemical composition and heat treatment process, The perforated stainless steel sheet has the advantages of both ferritic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel. It combines the excellent resistance and weldability of austenitic stainless steel with the high strength and chloride corrosion resistance of ferritic stainless steel. It is these excellent functions that make the welded stainless steel sheet develop rapidly as a weldable structural material. It has gradually replaced austenitic stainless steel in petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, shipbuilding and other professions, It is widely used.

Like austenitic stainless steel, the perforated stainless steel sheet contains a series of trademarks, which can be divided into at least three categories.

Classification of perforated stainless steel sheet

1) Low level perforated stainless steel sheet (its representative trademark is 2304)

2304 type is a low alloyed perforated stainless steel sheet with outstanding mechanical and physical functions, which can replace 304 / 316 austenitic stainless steel.

2) Standard enforced stainless steel sheet

Type A is a medium alloy perforated stainless steel sheet. Now its nitrogen and molybdenum contents are close to the upper limit of the specification, so its corrosion resistance, weldability and strength have been improved. Because of its outstanding mechanical and corrosion resistance functions, the type of perforated stainless steel sheet has become a substitute for austenitic stainless steel, The material selected for the cargo tank of 18500t chemical tanker built by Qingshan shipyard is the type of perforated stainless steel sheet, and its chemical composition is shown in Table 1.

3) Super enforced stainless steel sheet (e.g. 2507)

2507 type has high content of chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen, excellent corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical function, which is comparable to super austenitic stainless steel. Suitable for severe medium conditions.



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