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black stainless steel sheet

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Classification of black steel plate:


1. Non-alloy steel:


Non-alloy steel is divided into carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon steel, carbon tool steel, free-cutting structural steel and cast carbon steel for engineering. Carbon structural steel is a type of carbon steel. The carbon content is about 0.05% to 0.70%, and individual can be as high as 0.90%. It can be divided into two types: ordinary carbon structural steel and high-quality carbon structural steel.


2. Low alloy steel


It is divided into low-alloy high-strength structural steel, low-alloy heat-resistant steel and low-alloy professional steel. This type of steel contains one or several alloying elements, but the content is not high. The total amount of alloying elements contained in general steel does not exceed 5%, and the carbon content does not exceed 0.2%.


3. Alloy steel


Alloy steel is divided into alloy steel for engineering structure, alloy steel for mechanical structure, bearing steel, alloy tool steel and high-speed steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, steel with special physical properties and cast alloy steel.

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