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Learn about 430 stainless steel

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Ferritic stainless steel is also magnetic. Although the carbon content is lower than martensite, they become part of austenite at high temperatures, so they will precipitate martensite during cooling. It can be said that they can be partially cured by heat treatment.

Generally, ferritic stainless steel has a higher chromium content than martensitic stainless steel. The increase in chromium content improves the corrosion resistance of various media, but partially sacrifices other properties, such as impact resistance.

The most widely used ferritic stainless steel is Type 430 stainless, which contains 16% to 18% chromium and up to 0.12% carbon. Among its applications, we can mention: tableware, tableware, kitchen, sink, coin, paint, refrigerator.

One of the biggest problems with 430 stainless steel is the loss of ductility in the welded area, which is usually brittle and weaker in corrosion resistance. The high growth of the grain size, the partial formation of martensite and the precipitation of chromium carbonitride are the main causes of this problem.

In order to overcome this disadvantage, titanium and/or niobium are added as carbon stabilizers. 409, 430 Ti and 430 Nb types are widely used, mainly in mufflers and automobile exhaust.

Aluminum is also used as a ferrite stabilizer. 405 stainless steel with an aluminum content between 0.10% and 0.30% is widely used to make structures that cannot be annealed after welding.

The increase in sulfur content improves the processability of the 430 F model.

Adding molybdenum to stainless steel 434, or increasing the chromium content in type 446, can obtain ferritic stainless steel with better corrosion resistance.

Although ferritic stainless steels have good corrosion resistance, certain characteristics limit their use in certain applications.

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