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301 stainless steel will rust under certain conditions

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When the appearance of 301 stainless steel of the range hood at home was brown and rusty, everyone was surprised: "isn't 301 stainless steel rustless? Rust is not 301 stainless steel, it may be the steel presents a doubt. " In fact, this is a fault point of view that 301 stainless steel lacks understanding. 301 stainless steel will rust under certain conditions.

301 stainless steel is the abbreviation of stainless and acid resistant steel, and the steel grade resistant to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media or stainless is called 301 stainless steel; The steel resistant to chemical medium corrosion (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching) is called acid resistant steel. Due to the difference in chemical composition, their corrosion resistance is different. 301 stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, while acid resistant steel is generally stainless.

301 stainless steel is usually divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic ferrite 301 stainless steel and deposition hardening 301 stainless steel according to the arrangement.

Household 301 stainless steel is mostly made of austenitic steel. Generally speaking, 304301 stainless steel tube is one of them, which contains more than 18% chromium, 8% nickel and a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other lazy metal elements. It has good performance and can resist corrosion in various media.

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