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Stainless steel plate

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Hydraulic test shall be carried out for the steel pipe bearing fluid pressure to check its pressure resistance capacity and quality. Under the specified pressure, it is qualified if there is no leakage, soaking or expansion. Some steel pipes shall be subject to crimping test, flaring test and flattening test according to the standards or the requirements of the demander.

Seamless stainless steel decorative pipe, also known as stainless steel seamless pipe, is made of steel ingot or solid tube blank through perforation, and then made by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold drawing. The specification of seamless steel pipe is expressed in mm of outer diameter * wall thickness.

304 stainless steel decorative pipe full name SUS304 stainless steel decorative pipe

SUS304 stainless steel decorative pipe belongs to the stainless steel decorative pipe of American brand, and the domestic brand is equivalent to 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel decorative pipe, which is usually replaced by 0Cr18Ni9.

The anti rust mechanism of stainless steel is that alloy elements form a dense oxide film to isolate oxygen contact and prevent further oxidation. So stainless steel is not "stainless.".

With the development of social economy, the application of stainless steel decorative pipe is becoming more and more popular. It will bring new changes in various fields.

Theoretical weight of stainless steel decorative pipe: w = (outer diameter wall thickness) x wall thickness x 0.02491

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